In fact, in the U.S. there is no conspiracy behind the actual success of cannabis or marijuana in destroying the cancer cells. So for this reason this herb should be considered as preventive medicinal drug against cancer and this fact has also been ultimately recognised by US government on the basis of various researches and studies.

According to the official of a cancer advisory website, Amy Willis, a page has been included by the US government on the use of cannabinoids and cannabis for treating the side effects of cancer. She further said that according to the advises of a segment of Department of Health in the US, The National Cancer Institute, the cancer and its side effects can be treated by using cannabis or cannabinoids in various forms including eating in the baked foods, drinking their herbal tea, spraying it under the tongue or by smoking

A number of other medicinal benefits of cannabis or marijuana are also listed on the website of The National Cancer Institute to support the medicinal benefits of this herb. These benefits can due to its pain relief, stress relief, anti-viral, anti inflammatory, anti tumour and anti anxiety properties. Moreover it can also reduce the spasms in your muscles due to its affect on multiple sclerosis. The killing effect of cannabis on cancer cells has also been established after a number of studies in the labs.

Willis further said that on the basis of the results of several scientific researches made in the April last year it has been suggested by the US government that by killing the cells of cancer this herb can reduce the size of tumour in the brain. In fact cannabis is an extremely useful herb as it can be used effectively to treat a number of severe diseases and health problems like cancer without any side-effect.

Several other studies have also supported the fact that cannabis can kill cancer cells. Brief information about some of these studies is provided here under for your consideration.

According to Dr. Wai Liu, the lead researcher for The Washington Post in an op-ed, the role played by cannabinoids in treating a most aggressive cancer in adults has been proved by them due to its promising results. He further said that it can ensure to save more lives by breaking through glioma tumours.

Similarly, according to a report from NIDA, the fatal affect of marijuana on cancer cells and on the size of other tumours has been proved through various studies done in recent past on various animals.

The researches performed on mice have shown that the extracts derived from the entire plant of marijuana can reduce the size of one of the most serious tumours- brain tumour. The researchers used this extract with radiation to increase the effect of the later one in killing the cancer cells.

You may be aware of the fact that since 1970 cannabis has a status of Schedule 1 drug in US after passing the act for Controlled Substances. In this way US government has clearly classified the plant of marijuana non-acceptable for medicinal use as there are higher possibilities for its abuse. But the result of those studies showing no affect of cannabis on cancer was provide wrong through various other studies in later years.

The National Cancer Institute has recently included the results of various studies on the affect of cannabis on cancer cells in the FAQ section by updating its webpage about marijuana. According to this update marijuana can slow down the growth of the tumour by killing or blocking the growth of its cells as well as obstructing the growth of blood vessels required for the growth of the tumour along with protecting the growth of normally healthy cells.

The NCI further stated that the study of estrogen receptor negative cells of breast cancer and positive estrogen receptor in cannabidiol in a laboratory has shown that it killed the cancer cells while least affecting the normal cells in the breast. The report further stated that the reduced number, spread and growth of tumours through cannbinoids has been proved through the studies on the model mice with metastatic breast cancer.

The list of results released by NCI includes:

The laboratory studies on rats and mice have proved that the use of cannabinoids can kill the cancer cells to slow down the growth of the tumour, block the development of blood vessels supporting the growth of the tumours and blocking the growth of the cancer cells as well as protecting the non-cancerous cells.

The study on mice also proved that the use of cannabinoids also has potential to reduce the risk and treat colon cancer along with protecting it against inflammation.

A lab study on the effect of delta-9-THC on the cells of hepatocellular carcinoma or liver cancer in mice models has proved that it killed cancer cells due to its anti-tumour properties. It had shown these effects by performing on the molecules of the cancer cells which are also found in breast cancer and lung cancer cells.

Another lab study on mouse models has shown that the negative and positive estrogen receptors of metastatic breast cancer cells can be killed by cannabidiol but it rarely affects on the growth of normal cells. It can also slow down the spreading and growth of the tumors.

The positive affect of cannabidiol on human glioma cells has also been proved in a lab study. The use of cannabinoids along with chemotherapy can increase the death rate of cancer cells without damaging normal cells by improving the effectiveness of chemotherapy. The effectiveness of temozolomids in chemotherapy can be increased due to the use of delta-9-THC along with cannabidiol.

On the basis of all these studies and signs the government of U.S. has finally approved that cannabis can kill cancer cells due to its anti-cancer properties along with various other medicinal benefits. It will help large number of people suffering from cancerous diseases to treat their health problems.