Cancer itself is a lie. Yes, it sounds unbelievable that it is not a disease. However, it turns out to be a business opportunity to another group of people. Cancer has spread its roots in the world affecting every other person without discrimination. Whether you are young or old, male or female, black or white you are not spared either.

I recommend that we should share this post which is bound to bring to light many hidden hands behind these manipulators and make them mad.
The book ‘World without Cancer’ was supposed to be translated into many different languages of the world but till now it has been prevented from happening. Why was it prevented?
In other related news, it has been discovered that there is an amazing herb that kills cancer cells in very few days. Is this not enough evidence of cancer being a lie?

Is cancer a disease?

It is important that you know this; cancer is not a disease. Cancer is just a deficiency of vitamin B17 in the body. All these other claims are merely theories. Avoid unnecessary forms of treatment like chemotherapy which is very expensive, surgeries which leave one with scars and taking medicines which end up having adverse side effects on your body.

History has it that in the past years, a disease named scurvy killed many mostly the seamen. Despite killing many people, a certain group of people got huge returns from it. Later on, it was found out that scurvy was merely a deficiency of vitamin C in the body. This meant that it was never a disease or an illness and so is cancer and people are really reaping from it.

The colonizers of this world working together with enemies to humanity came up with cancer and made it a full-blown industry. This has been their cash cow bringing to them billions in terms of income fully aware of the damage they are leaving behind to the innocent people who are not aware of this lie. The cancer industry really thrived during the period after the Second World War and it is still thriving. In order to fight cancer, all the delays and the huge expenditures we see are not necessary. These only end up in the pockets of the colonizers. This is even worse since the cure was found ages ago.

How to prevent and cure cancer

The following strategies can be used in the prevention and cure of cancer.
In case one has cancer they should first find out what cancer is. There is no need to panic it is not a death sentence. First, investigate this condition. As you can see, it was evident that nowadays no one is dying of scurvy since it has a cure.

Cancer is just a deficiency of vitamin B17. This deficiency can be dealt with by eating either fifteen or twenty pieces of apricot stone on a daily basis.

Wheat sprouts are also known to be anti-cancerous. They are a rich source of liquid oxygen and laetrile which is a very strong anticancer agent. Laetrile can also be found in the fruit stone of apple. It can also be found in extracted form of vitamin B17 named Amygdalin. It is no wonder that the American Medicinal industry has gone ahead to implement the law which forbids the production of laetrile. However, this medicine is being produced in Mexico and finds its way into the USA through the black market.

In this light, Dr. Harold W. Manner in a book named ‘Death of Cancer’ said that laetrile has more than ninety percent success in the treatment of cancer.

Vitamin B17 Sources

The fruit stone or grain seed fruits have the highest amounts of vitamin B17. Such fruits include peach, pear dried plums, and apricots.

Common beans are also a source of this key vitamin in the fight against cancer. The beans include peas, lentil sprouts, and Lima beans.

  • Kernels such as bitter almond and Indian almond
  • Seeds such as sesame and linseed also fit in this category.
  • Oats, brown rice, barley, block wheat and linseed
  • Vitamin B12 can also be found in brewer’s yeast, rough rice, and sweetmeat pumpkin.

Anti cancer foods you should try to keep cancer at bay

  • Apricots
  • Seeds from fruits such as apples, peaches, plums and cherries
  • Beans like Lima and Fava beans and also bean sprouts
  • Almonds
  • Fruits in the berry family like strawberries, blackberries, elderberries and raspberries basically all the berries.
  • Buckwheat
  • Sorghum, barley, and millet
  • Nuts such as macadamia and cashew nuts

All the above have the highest amounts of absorb able vitamin B17 necessary for keeping cancer at bay.

Main cancer causing agent

The consumption of major cancer causing agent should be put under control. This agent is found mainly in the dish washing and hand washing liquids. You may be wondering how does one consume this agent yet we do not drink it directly. It is simple, these liquids are absorbed by the plate during washing and rinsing will not remove it from the plate. During cooking or eating, the soap in the plate becomes attached to the hot food. Eventually one ends up ingesting the dish-washing liquid together with the food. Rinsing the plate a hundred times will not make any difference since it is already absorbed by the plate.

Precautionary measures against main cancer causing agent

Do not be discouraged, there is a solution. The dish washing liquid or hand washing liquid should be mixed with vinegar in equal portions at least to help neutralize these negative effects.

One should also avoid washing fruits and vegetables with drops of dish washing liquids it is not healthy at all since most people think by doing so it will help wash off the pesticides. This is because the washing liquid gets absorbed in the vegetables and fruits and one cannot rinse it enough to wash it off completely hence end up consuming a portion of the dishwashing liquid.
As an alternative, one should wash fruits and veggies by soaking them in salty water and then rinse them with plain fresh water. In order to keep them fresh add vinegar to the rinsing water.

Let us all save one another by sharing this post with as many as we can.